The Onion & Clickhole | Satirical Web Shorts

The Onion

I had the pleasure of working alongside the satirical brains behind The Onion & Clickhole during my last year living in Chicago.

Here are some favorites that I edited for each website:

Peter K. Rosenthal Reviews “La La Land” | The Onion

Climate Change Researcher Describes Challenge Of Pulling Off Worldwide Global Warming Conspiracy | The Onion

Sustainability FTW! This Couple Cooks All The Chunks Of Meat That Come Flying Out Of The Portal That Opened Up In Its Backyard | Clickhole

White Woman Discusses How Much She Considered Going To A Black Lives Matter Protest Once | The Onion

Saying Goodbye: Man Finally Turns All 50 Pictures Of Jared Fogle In His House Toward The Wall | Clickhole