I am a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, editor and camera operator with over ten years of industry experience.

Growing up, I quickly discovered writing as an outlet; first through personal journalling, then writing short stories for Young Authors, and eventually becoming Features Editor for my high school paper, the South Side Times.

My dad bought me a camcorder when I was 8 years old and I became obsessed with directing a cast of action figures in stop-motion scenes, eventually making short movies with friends, complete with handwritten title cards and DIY effects work.

Then I picked up the trumpet for 12 years, traversing space and time through music. That led me to DJ house parties in college, feeding my passion for shaping narrative through sequencing.

I also studied Arabic in college, making a minor of it before dropping out. But I am still studying at my own pace to better understand the similarities and differences of humans living far beyond my western paradigm.

These building blocks of language, visual arts and music all coalesced into one for storytelling, editing and cinematography. I’ve enjoyed making music videos with friends, operating cameras for livestream at major festivals, and cutting a varied spectrum of videos, from comedy shorts to commercial spots to indie documentary features.

No matter the medium, I crave the opportunity to observe, reflect, and express.

If you have a project in mind (or wish for a tree-climbing clinic with Olive), please drop a line.

daburkart@gmail.com | 260.452.6003

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